The Wedding Dilemma

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Ministers have to deal with weddings. It's part of the job. Performing weddings for people in our churches is actually fun. But it's not so fun when people call on the phone, looking for some minister - any minister - to do their wedding. You can get the feeling that our Christian wedding tradition - an act of worship - has been reduced to a candle stand and a bag of rice. "Let's see, we need the license, a car to leave in, rice, cakes...oh yeah, get a minister while you're at it." But there is another side to this story. Yes, people cheapen our worship with weddings, but these times also offer a creative way for a minister to connect with a family. Mark Powell has posted a very personal story about this very thing. This Tuesday past I met with a couple who wanted to get married. They seemed very young, but were old enough at least to have two children. The man has been recently laid-off and the woman is a stay-at-home-mom. All in all they appeared to be very nice kids. During the conversation I asked if they had any church affiliation, and straightforwardly they answered no. I then asked one of my favorite questions: "Why then do you want to be married in a church?"...READ MORE
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