What Does Work Mean For You? April 25 Newsletter

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Does God inhabit only the sanctuaries and monasteries and seminaries of the earth? Or is God with you in your cubicle, your classroom, your kitchen, your conference call? And if God is there with you, what does that mean? It may be difficult to see the Kingdom of God through the deadlines and reports and meetings and evaluations and budgets, but be encouraged: he is there. Together, let’s find him in the ordinary places you work, and let’s consider how his presence makes a difference for good.

Vehicles for Grace

From The High Calling

Embrace your work as a holy offering, and allow the One who created work to use you in His redemptive plan.

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God at Work

From The High Calling

When we are Christ-like in our dealings with fellow employees and management, we allow God to work through us.

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What Does God’s Work Mean for People’s Daily Work?

From the Theology of Work Project

Our calling is not just about our job. It is about our whole life’s work, becoming a follower of Jesus in all that we do.

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