What Drives Your Dreams?

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In the world of giving career advice, we tell people to follow their dreams - to create a vision, set goals around it, and just do it. We ask people about their passion, their interests, their deep down desires. Two of my favorite questions to ask are, "What keeps you up late talking?" and "Where do you head first in a bookstore?" Then there is the always popular, "If you could do anything regardless of money, what would it be?"

I am all for following a dream. Heck, my mission statement for my own life is: "To unleash the dreams of others." If nothing else, dreams move us beyond our present circumstances. They get us out of ruts. They inspire us to act.

In fact, I find that much of the time, people need to dream bigger dreams. They accomplish things that are well within their limits while missing the opportunity to have a little faith that God might have something bigger in store. I am guilty of this for sure.

There are people we call "dreamers." There are dreams we call "pipe dreams."

The key ingredient to a good dream is WISDOM. What does it mean to really have wisdom? It's not as mystical as one might think.


Are you making a decision taking into account all of the life lessons you have learned in the past? Do your experiences validate the truths you have put into practice? Are you relying on all of the truths you have gleaned over time?

Head and Heart.

Do your head and heart both have a say?

Trusted People.

Are you working in isolation? Or are you willing to listen to the sound judgment of a few trusted people in your life?

A Plan.

Do you understand what it takes to achieve your dreams, or are you waiting for someone to knock on your door and grant all your wishes?


Do you think more highly of yourself than you ought? Are you wise in your own eyes? Or in all your ways, do you acknowledge Him?


Are you being irrational? How feasible is this dream of yours? And do you trust God to do the impossible? There is a difference between faith that can move mountains and delusions of grandeur.

All of this can really be boiled down to one question: "Are you seeking wisdom?" It’s so easy to rely on our own strength. But real wisdom, the kind that takes us down the right path, comes from a higher source, beyond our own illusions and limitations. Read Proverbs 3:13-14 to see what I mean:

"Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, For he is more profitable than silver, and yields better returns than gold."

You can act with confidence - move forward with all of your energy - if you have wisdom on your side. Don’t you dare dream without it!

Are your dreams based on wisdom, or are they pipe dreams?

How do you know?

Post by Michele Corbett, author of the blog Life on Purpose.

Photograph by nAncy, used with permission.