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Check out our latest group writing project with Robert Hruzek. "What I learned from the generosity of others." Welcome to the 19th edition of the infamous world famous groupwrite project known around these parts (and hopefully around your parts as well) as What I Learned From…! That’s right, folks; it’s that time of the month (no, silly, not that time!) for y’all to shine your light for the whole world to see! It’s time for you to share your stories and lessons learned from the greatest schoolteacher of all: life! This month, having just made it through the Thanksgiving Day holidays here in the U.S., and with the impending Christmas season finally landing on us like a big bag of warm Figgie Pudding (whatever the heck that is!), it seemed rather appropriate to choose a topic that sorta captured the essence, the spirit, the je ne se quois of the whole month of December. Thus this month’s topic was born!... Read More.
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