What’s My Motivation?

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Everyone wants a raise, right? And a higher position with more authority and power. Right? Of course right. This is America.

One of our High Calling bloggers, "Red Letter Believers," asks an unusual and hard question. If you are a Christian, can money and power be your main motivation, even at work? And if not, what IS your motivation to work harder and better?

"If your desire for promotion is strictly money's sake, it's usually a bad idea. Paul's admonition to be "content in whatever circumstance I'm in" wasn't just because he was a push-over. He knew the frustrating mind-games that can consume someone who is not content. His solution was to simply be happy with your lot.

The other wrong reason is for power or prestige. It's in our nature to be taken with titles or authority. Sometimes, we wear our titles like silent name badges when we shake hands. They feeds our self-importance. But in the end, power and prestige are empty without a pure heart.

Our take as Red Letter Believers is to let it go."

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