When Beauty Transforms

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“Let’s go change the world through music.”

That’s what I say to my boys each week when it’s time to head off to guitar and drum lessons. They smile at each other sheepishly and sort of roll their eyes...but they know I mean it.

I’ve given them the lecture. Beauty inspires greatness.

Ask anyone who has ever done anything great. Likely, there’s a piece of writing, art, music, or a poem that encouraged them during their pilgrimage to renown.

Here at High Calling Blogs, we’ve been talking a lot about why poetry matters. One could easily insert any artistic medium into that question. It’s a fitting query after recent events that have shaken the world. Why should we invest in such seemingly frivolous outlets as poetry, art, or music when so much of the world is hurting?

I think I have found one answer over here. It’s the story of how one man’s art--his essays--have inspired my friend Glynn to live a more beautiful life. And beauty--well, I have already told you--it inspires greatness. And greatness can solve great problems.

Read the entire article over at Faith, Fiction, and Friends--and be inspired.

post by Laura Boggess

photo by ELK, used with permission