When the Questions Don’t Have Easy Answers

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Bob Gorinski, who blogs at So, Whattya Think, Robert, has a compelling discussion with his son and his friend over faith and reason.

It turns out that both he and his son have a hard time reconciling a God of love, purpose, and design with cold brutality and random suffering.

“What of suicide and whirlwinds, terrorists, earthquakes? What of the creepy things of the natural world that were apparently designed specifically to inflict pain and death?” they ask. “The truth is that sometimes, I'm really not sure. So I cozy up with uncertainty, my nemesis. And in the meantime I choose to live faithfully.”

Read the whole fascinating post called, The Question.

Image by Jaskirat Singh Bawa. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr. Post by Newsletter Editor David Rupert.

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