When Women Stop Competing and Share

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"I used to feel like I was pretty weird because I didn’t think the way my culture told me girls were supposed to think...I didn’t know a lot of women who felt compelled to write just to make sense of life, who couldn’t manage to pretend they didn’t have anything important to say, who were determined to leave a mark on the world rather than simply let the world mark them...For a long time, I had a hard time finding like-minded women, and I often felt alone," writes Amy Simpson in a recent Q Ideas blog post.

Me too. I don't know Amy Simpson, but I'd like to meet her. Besides the fact that we share a common experience, she has an intriguing new book from IVP called Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church's Mission. I'd also love to discuss her theory of scarcity versus abundance as it pertains to competition between women.

It saddens me when, instead of cheering each other on, we women gossip, criticize and pit ourselves against each other. Even in Christian circles, we compare and contrast mothering styles, career choices, and theological beliefs...often with little grace and much judgment. (Guilty!)

But, as Amy says, "When women decide to support one another rather than compete—when they feel Christ’s abundance rather than their own scarcity, and they share out of that abundance—great things can happen."

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