When Work Leaves You Empty

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I have observed that there is an underlying narcissism in much of today’s workforce. A certain degree of vanity and self-absorption has corrupted our employment view. We go to work, not to contribute, but to find our own self-importance and worth. We punch in, only to wonder why the focus isn't on us. High Calling Blogger Every Square Inch has a great post on those jobs that are less than personally satisfying, and how God’s hand may very well be part of that. Increasingly, the expectations of the workplace have been elevated.

Many people think that work is meant to cater to personal lifestyles with ample free time, invigorating creative stimulation, and opportunity for self-expression. Many dot.coms feed this trend with play days, catered meals, and scheduled Frisbee breaks. And then there’s the general desire to not “work for the man,” avoiding corporate culture in lieu of non-profits or small start-ups. But the economic realities mean that these happy workplaces are increasingly rare. The drive for profits and bettering the bottom line are insatiable, taking many well-meaning Christ following employees into worlds they never thought they would be. In “Why God May Will an Unsatisfying Job,” Every Square Inch concludes that this kind of work may produce one of three things:

  • It can lead us to center our joy in Christ instead of work
  • It can sanctify us, teaching us character
  • It can remind us that this world is no our home, that indeed, we have another kingdom that we can anticipate.
"God will redeem us and bring us to a place of rich, fulfilling labor. We can cast our eyes heavenward and trust that His work in the past and currently will bring this to pass. We can be truly optimistic and hopeful when we consider the future."

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