When Writing, Apples are Optional

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L.L. here with Random Acts of Poetry. I love that name, by the way. Random Acts of Poetry. Because it implies that writing poetry doesn’t require great ceremony. (Who was it amongst the “greats”… he would dress up and peel an apple before writing?) Here’s the truth about writing poetry: you can write it in your pajamas. Some of my best stuff comes in the morning, while I’m still in a baggy t-shirt, pretending to be asleep under my blankets. You can write poetry without peeling an apple first too. You can even write poetry (say it isn’t so!) while listening to a Sunday sermon. Marcus does it. nAncY does it. And now Glynn is doing it too. A speechwriter by trade, he never considered writing poetry. It just wasn't on his checklist of acceptable pastimes. Funny, in a way, that Glynn started in a rather clandestine manner. Just like the secret meeting he was poem-doodling about, while his pastor spoke on Nicodemus and his wife thought he was taking extensive notes. For a debut poem, it’s got real soul. I especially like the repetition of “water and wind,” since water and wind both turn and turn again, washing us in rhythmic sound. Night, Near a Garden Waiting, for night. For Darkness. A glance behind, A whisper. We are one, teacher. He, pierced. Piercing. Water and wind. Water and wind. No. It cannot be Water and wind. Water and wind. It is written, not In words, yet. But In grace. Water and wind. You will speak to justice, You will set the stone in place. Water and wind. Welcome to the poetry closet Glynn. Next week’s poetry prompt: try doodling a poem. Which is just to say, put down random words and phrases while you listen to a sermon, lecture, dinner-table chatter, whatever. See if you can frame these random thoughts into a basic poem. No need to get formal; peeling an apple is optional. Post your offering by Thursday, September 10, and drop your link in my comment box. ***PLEASE DON'T BE SHY about dropping your link in my comment box. These days, I can't keep up with visiting all of you in a timely manner and I could miss your offering if you don't give me your link. Thanks. smile All RAP Participants Claire’s You Are Creation nAncY’s space Glynn’s Summer Light Ed G’s Eyes of My Heart Marcus's 60 Seconds About a Dead Gerbil Monica's Cage Norman's Worship Interrupted A Simple Country Girl's Mellow Yellow LL's The Picking and In a Word Linda and the Apple Tree Collage, by Gail Nadeau. Used with permission. Post written by L.L. Barkat.

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