When Your Efforts Don’t Pay Off

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There is a nothing more exasperating than to have someone pull the plug on a big project for no apparent reason. I know. I've been there. Between work, church plans, or even family outings, to have someone And when it's God pulling the plug, it's even more frustrating.

Amy Young at Messy Middle talks about purpose and she echoes that frustration.

“There is nothing more deflating than staying up late and putting in extra time on a project that was supposedly vital to the mission of your company, family, or volunteer organization only to have it filed away, never referred to again,” she writes.

Asking, “what’s the use?” is perhaps the saddest question ever asked. But there is hope.

As Amy writes, “Even so-called mindless work can be of value if it is has purpose… It will never be classified as busy work.” In other words, all of our effforts fit into the big picture as long as we have a reason.

God sees the big picture—the parade as it winds its way down the city streets. He knows where it's headed and it's my job to walk with joy in my heart and to trust.

“I forget that I was made for purpose,” she writes.

Read Amy Young’s post found in her 31 Reminders of Eden at Messy Middle.

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