Where Does Success Come From?

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I remember my first raise. I was working as a busboy and I got a bump in pay from $2.10 an hour to $2.20 an hour. It was a merit raise, given to me from my boss for a job well done. I was riding high, and my ever-wet rag wiped tables with new enthusiasm.

God didn’t get any praise that day. In my mind, I worked hard and I deserved that raise.

But six months later I was laid off. Of course, I blamed God, forgetting the fact that I was told it because of my poor attendance and bad attitude.

Dave Boller, who blogs at Work4Christ, strikes up an interesting conversation about Success. Just where does it come from? How much human effort plays into the equation? How much of it is divine intervention?

“Many of us have a tendency to take credit for our successes and to blame others for our failures,” he writes. “Sometimes, people even blame God for their shortcomings.”

Boller snapped me back to attention with this. “It is our Heavenly Father who gives us our gifts and talents – our ability to produce wealth. When we leave God out of that equation, we start to believe in our abilities than we do He who gave them to us.”

Read the rest of the article and join the interesting conversation here.

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