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warehouse Don't worry. is about to pick up the pace. The leadership team has been working hard this week, finalizing our plans for 2009. We're still reading your posts and doing our best to comment when we can. Did you know that we have more than 300 bloggers in the network now? And we had nearly 100,000 pageviews? Honestly. That's just nuts. Especially since we're pretty intentional about trying to send people out to your blogs. That kind of rapid growth is presenting us with some pretty big challenges. (For instance, we generate about 150,000 words each week--that's the equivalent of two novels. Each week.) Forgive us for slowing down just a bit these past several days while we reflect on how to handle the challenge of building community in this place. And thank you so much for what you do. Two quick prayer reports. Molly McCoy (wife of Steve McCoy at Reformissionary) is doing better! And you can read Jennifer Dukes Lee's comment down in the wall on the front page. I promise we'll be back in full force in just a few days. Stay tuned.
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