Why Does Scripture Matter?

Video / Produced by The High Calling

TRANSCRIPT: I would define Scripture this way: it's the book about Christ. I honestly feel if we get into Jonah and teach 10 lessons about how to survive whale swallowings or four techniques from Deuteronomy on how to be a husband or something, we're way off. I think Scripture is a Christ book, and Scripture is the record of his preparation, the Old, and his presentation, the New. The more centered it is in what He has done and does and what he means and who he is, in Him that it is, the more capital "S" it is. Scripture matters, because we believe as Christians that the central event in world history is that Jesus Christ is God's own son, who came down to planet earth for 30 years and walked around, said fabulous things, did suffer fabulous things, and rose. Because the canonical record of it is all we've got . . . If we want to know Jesus Christ, who is God's great visit to planet earth, we need to know the canonical Scriptures.