“Why Should I Observe the Sabbath?” - Andy Crouch

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Andy points out that the importance of the Sabbath—as Howard But Jr. points out in this broadcast—is a central and often-overlooked part of the Christian life.

The old calendar of the Church follows cycles of feasting and fasting, of silence and celebration. It follows the natural rhythms of the seasons, which God has placed into balance. There are times for growth, for sleep, for new life, and for falling leaves. Should our own lives be so different? Work is a part of our calling, but so is rest—and everything else God has created us to do. Balance is not about compartmentalizing our lives, but about recognizing that each part belongs to the whole.

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Of the Ten Commandments, the longest commandment is the one that begins, "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy." It's long, because it goes on to talk about all the other people you have to make sure honor the Sabbath along with you. Not just you, but your children; not just your family, but the people who work for you; and not just the people who work for you, but any foreigners who are resident in the place where you live. God cares about Sabbath. It's interesting that the God who made us to work makes the command not to work. We are not machines; we're creatures. And the Sabbath reminds us that we're creatures who need to rest. One of the tragedies of our culture is that we've lost this. So now we just have to choose it. It's no longer just sort of part of the fabric of our world that things stop on Sundays. Now, we have to stop, and it's the best thing you can possibly do if you want to be an image-bearer who contributes to the world.