Why Is Work Important?

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Doug Barr: It's been our experience at Goodwill that work transforms lives. If I had to think of, in order of priority, what transforms lives most, first would be a faith, second would be doing something for a significant other, someone you love, someone you care about. The third thing would be work.

People come to Goodwill out of work. Their self esteem is down about this low. Their spouse is upset. Their kids don't respect their parents because everyone else's dad is working. And we find that through giving them education, increasing their training skills, we can in fact increase their self-esteem. They're more confident when they go to a job interview, and as a result when they get the job. Now they're a producing member of society.

It's just the most transformative thing, outside of those other two I mentioned, that we can do.