Why the World Needs Dreamers

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Look at all the lasting things in our world and most of them are the stuff of the dreamer. Before the Golden Gate Bridge was erected, it was sketched out on a simple piece of paper by Joseph Strauss. Before the Grapes of Wrath was written, John Steinbeck wrote the story in mind’s eye. Before Dr. Jonas Salk produced the polio vaccine, he dreamt of a world without the crippling disease.

Dreamers are the inventors, innovators and the curators of hope. And yet, so little of our society – or the church -- nurtures the dreamer. Usually we call them foolish and unrealistic. We dismiss both the dream and the dreamer.

Floyd Samons, who blogs at There Go I, has a guest post at Lead to Impact where he talks about vision. He talks about those who have tried to snuff his dreams as a youth.

"They were dream killers, imagination stealers, but they didn’t have ill intent, they were trying to help,” he writes. “Their job was to try to get youngsters ready for the unforgiving world and in most of their eyes and mind’s dreaming was for kids. To their way of thinking there was little use for dreaming as an adult.”

But to Floyd, dreams are for both children and adults. They are from above.

“Dreaming or having a clear picture inside our mind’s eye is a gift from God. It’s called Vision,” he writes. “We’ve been designed to reason, think, and “see” the vision in our minds in order to create and add to the value of this earth and bring honor to Him who made us.”

Vision is God’s way of repurposing his creative nature in us.

“Remember your dreams of innocence and you,” he implores. “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”

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