Will I Be Replaced By a Robot? July 12 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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Technology is ever present in our work today. This week, our writers reflect on the interaction between the people God made and the machines they made in turn. We praise the specialized skills that allow us to create new technologies, and vow to use our technological creations to preserve the dignity of human beings. Let us all use our smartphones and computers to engage the world, rather than hide from it.

Darth Vader vs. Dick Tracy in Your Daily Work

From The High Calling

We need to work to use these amazing tools to build God’s kingdom rather than our own. Read more

Everything Matters: Playing Video Games as a Cultural Act

From The High Calling

I play video games for a living. Here’s what I’ve learned by doing that. Read more

Why Faith at Work is Important

From the Theology of Work Project

Robotics will threaten even professional level vocations over the next decade. Our commitment to bring God’s truth, love, and human dignity to the work lives of all people has never been so important. Read more