Wired for Light

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bowl Children are famous for their fear of darkness. In the inky-black of a midnight nursery, ordinary things take on sinister form and feed young imaginations with frightening possibilities. How often have I stumbled up the stairs to comfort a crying child, turn on a lamp and chase the shadows away? We are wired, it seems, to seek light. As adults, we experience dark periods of our own. Times when things are murky and we can't seem to see the path in front of us, times when in the absence of clarity our thoughts veer off into wild, tangled places. Where is the light? Dena Dyer of Mother Inferior shares thoughts on looking for the light, in When God Turns on the Light.

The world seems pretty dark right now, doesn't it? Unemployment, Swine Flu, pirates (!), war, nuclear testing, recession--the news just isn't very good. And in my immediate circle, family members and friends are struggling with their own crises. All these problems and concerns caused me to lose sleep more than once over the past week.

Sometimes, I want to pull the covers over my head and not get out of bed. Since that's not an option, (thank God for perky preschoolers!), I try to focus on God's word, and not the world's noise....READ MORE Photo by Ann Voskamp. Post written by Erica Hale.