Work and the Meaning of Life

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Is the Gospel story outdated? Is it an ancient tale for a culture that is foreign and removed from modern society?

Dr. Jordan Ballor is a research fellow at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion & Liberty and is the executive editor of the Journal of Markets and Morality.

At the Acton Institute’s PowerBlog, he asks a timely question. “Who is Jesus for us today?”

Dr. Ballor notes, “In his classic book Discipleship, Dietrich Bonhoeffer asks the critical question for the Christian life in today’s world: ‘What could the call to follow Jesus mean today for the worker, the businessman, the farmer, or the soldier?’”

We know all about the story of the incarnation, the miracles and the resurrection, but how does he impact the modern world? Making the Christian faith relevant in a contemporary world is a challenge, as our young adults need to be engaged in the Christian life, so they can one day assume take the mantle of leadership.

“It is of central importance for followers of Christ to understand, articulate, and live out the way in which the Gospel shapes and determines the meaning of life, to the full,” he writes.

Read his post, Work, and the Meaning of Life.