Working for Free: Finding Worth in Your Work

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Working For Free 7

When I was 26 years old I kissed my career good-bye. Well, sort of. I guess you could say I stopped receiving a regular paycheck that bore my name. I've worked for free ever since. Well, sort of.

I traded 7 years of high heels and property management keys for a pair of oven mitts, baby wipes, and a pen. Some have said I've become a home maker, a baker, a story teller.

I prefer dream seeker.

I'll be honest. The transition was downright hard. Painful. Don't get me wrong, being home with my babies was the plan. Living the dream. It's just, the process, the transition from climbing down the ladder felt like a free fall. Loss of self. The absence of a paycheck, pat on the back, and an edifying "well done" was sorely missed. It's faint, the echo of grief that still howls under yesterday's moon.

For a long time I've believed that my worth was in my work. No, wait. For a long time I've believed that my work was only worth something if I collected a paycheck.

In my leaning I am learning. Slowly. I'm told, my worth cannot be numbered. My identity is hidden, like the pearl in her shell. From the inside she is being spun, transformed, created for beauty. A rarity. I'm told, the plans for my life are known, prosperous, and hold a hope for the future.
Can I believe it?

I close my eyes. I must close my eyes because eyes wide open see the world, but when I am shuttered the view becomes narrowed. It becomes less about seeing. What do I hear? Whispers of truth. I hear my high calling. My job is to raise up the next generation and teach them to love the Lord their God with whole hearts. My gifting is to create home baked goodness that soften a spirit and bring joy. My delight is to craft words and share stories that spur others onward. I hear that this high calling has come at a high cost. Wages paid. The absolute truth makes me complete.

I believe.
We're all different and our work is not the same. We're all different but our worth is all the same. One day a portfolio of our earthly investments will be revealed. I dream of collaborated hands, riches shared, and a feast for those who believe. The High King smiling, sitting at the banquet head asks, "So, what did you do with your work?"

Working for Free

In this series, Working for Free, we'll take a look at the different ways people navigate the world of working in a job they love, even when it might not be the way they make ends meet. Join the discussion or share your story in the comments. What do you think? Is passion enough?