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Karl Edwards has been blogging and recording his podcast, Working Matters, for several years now. After spending some time studying at Fuller and then helping them reorganize some staffing issues--he launched Bold Enterprises. He's a great guy, one of those high calling contacts that became a friend rather than just a contact. Karl is one of our business bloggers who helps people think through the meaning of their work. Often, Karl never talks about faith explicitly, though his faith supports all the advice and insight he has about the workplace. His latest podcast series really struck me: Toughing Out a Tough Job. Here's what Karl has to say about it:

When we talk about “toughing out a tough job,” (our current podcast discussion series ), we are not talking about passively enduring an awful situation until something better comes along.

We’re talking about finding meaning in the mean time.

We’re talking about making the time work for you instead of against you.

We’re talking about taking control of the tough experience and creating as good an experience as possible.

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