Workplace Angst - How To Stop the Fussing

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"What causes quarrels and conflicts among you...?" The book of James asks this question and follows it up with some hard-hitting answers – passions at war within you, coveting things that aren’t yours, and unmet desires. Every Square Inch takes this Scripture to heart and applies to the workplace. In his post, “Conflicts at work” he acknowledges that disagreement is a “sad reality of the workplace.” And because of our nature, “it is actually inevitable when sinners work together – even justified ones.” When disagreement occurs, too often we look somewhere else for blame. We blame the boss, blame the stress, or blame our coworkers. But ESQ looks squarely in the mirror. He asks,

Could I speak more gently? Can I be an encourager? Can I provide hope? Can I be a better example?

Read the whole post here. Recommended by David Rupert of Red Letter Believers.