Would You Eat The Marshmallow or Not?

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Andrea at Espresso Shots got me thinking about marshmallows and a famous experiment performed on children in the 1960s. Andrea explains,

Each child in the study was given a single marshmallow and told by the researcher: “I’m going to leave the room for a moment. If you can wait until I come back to eat that marshmallow, I’ll give you more. If you can’t wait and eat that while I’m gone, I won’t give you any more.”

I won't spoil the outcome here, but reading about it made me hungry and curious... I mean, as a kid, would I have taken the marshmallow or not? Daily interactions with co-workers, family and friends give me a clue. Check out Andrea's post . She includes some fantastic metaphors. Then (if you're willing to put yourself out there) come back and tell us what you would do. In fact, if you share an example of when you would take the marshmallow in a work situation, I promise to follow your lead with one of my own. Read the post here...