Writer’s Block

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Writing is a strange discipline. You have to make yourself do it. You have to sit down and make yourself write. And yet, every writer knows that when it comes to the creation of the written word, it often feels more like you found the words than made up the words. And so, when you get writer's block, there isn't really much to do except wait patiently and keep making yourself write. I feel the same is true with prayer. You can't create certain feelings within yourself with prayer. You can't make yourself be happy or exultant or any of that. You just have to pray and take whatever the Spirit sends you. Poet and writer L.L. Barkat is looking for a poem. She admits that she seems to find them more than write them. And that means she'll have to wait patiently.

Will I... Will I ever... Will I ever write a poem again? These are the anxious thoughts that plague me when it's been a while since I've found a poem. I say found a poem, because in essence this is what happens to me. Poetry is not something I can force. Indeed, I cannot force deep writing of any kind (okay, so I should remember this now that I am stuck, again, on my next chapter in God in the Yard.) Instead, my deep writing happens kind of like this... mystery, open spaces (mentally), serendipity, inspiration, illumination, resolve....Read More.

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