Writing on the Kitchen Door

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We blog. Words fill blogs. We write the words that fill our blogs. Therefore...(drum roll)...we are writers! This, however, does not mean that we write well. You might write well, but many of us struggle. Consider the Christmas letters taped across your kitchen door. No, wait, those are Christmas pictures. The letters never made it. Is that because you prefer the pictorial display, or because the letters failed to qualify for door status? Blog posts don't need to rival the Gettysburg Address. Nor should they resemble fodder. Good posts provide the chance to move each other. Each keystroke helps our insides get outside, and we end up transporting God's graces into the community with every published draft. Even in our simple, daily musings on work, writing turns us into prophets, comforters, energizers and teachers. That's why you ought to check out this practical post by writer and High Calling Blogger, Mary Demuth. Start small, and maybe, just maybe, your words will get taped to someone's kitchen door.