Yeah, But Do You BELIEVE It?

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The whole premise behind the organization that calls itself "The High Calling" is that we serve God through our daily work. It's the idea that the Church is not a gathering of believers on Sunday morning but the sum total of redeemed people carrying the love of Christ into the world with their lives every day.

I've never met a serious Christian who would deny this truth. Never. It's a thing we all like to say. Sometimes we even say it having trudged off to church on Sunday morning following a dreary week in which we never once gave thought to God or how our working lives did or did not honor God. The idea that The Church universal does the most important part of her work in our lives Monday through Friday is easy to conceive but harder to believe. Or we could say it this way: Our minds grasp the idea of the high calling of our daily work, but our guts, our emotions, are still lagging behind.

Does that ever happen to you? You know something is true, but you don't "feel" its truth. You can't get there emotionally?

Writer J. Schaap is one of our High Calling bloggers. He is a Christian and a writer. Recently he wrote a piece where he lets us listen in while he asks himself if he truly believes that he honors and worships God with his writing. Check it out.

...I’m not so sure I buy it. I’m certainly not talking to God when I’m writing fiction, although I will admit that some pure mystery comes into play in the whole creative process. Honestly, most of the time I’m working on fiction, I don't believe I'm thinking all that much of the Lord God almighty. I’m just trying to find the best way out of a narrative.

But then, I suppose we could expand definitions a bit and say that woodworking and having faith—or gardening or factory work or teaching college students and having faith—are all forms of prayer too. We could say that, and when we do, it helps. Read More

Stuff in the Basement - Writer & educator J. Schaap writes about life and the things that matter to him.

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