Yes, I’m the Mechanic

Video / Produced by The High Calling

For a lot of people, making the transition from being an international realty broker to running an auto mechanic shop might seem pretty tough—and George Zaloom wouldn't tell you otherwise. But the process through which George became able to answer, "Yes, I'm the mechanic" without it sounding like "Yes, I'm just a mechanic" is one that speaks to a lot of us.

After financial disaster struck, leaving George with nothing but a small auto repair shop in Long Island, he had to make some major changes. For so many of us, our careers define a huge part of who we are, and George had to figure out a way to re-define himself without becoming completely lost in the process. He realized, somewhere along the way, that God might be calling him to something more important than any job title or salary package. Whatever the situation had been before, he had to ask himself what it means to let faith inform every part of his life—even a job he never thought he'd find himself doing.

As a result, George's approach to business isn't just in pursuit of the bottom line. He strives for integrity, good service, and genuine care for customers—not because they'll sue him if he doesn't, but because Christ loves them. Like so many of us these days, he has had to deal with significant changes in the landscape of his work and life. Faith, and a God who calls us to follow him wherever we are, allowed George to do that, and his community reaps the benefits.

This video is courtesy of our friend Nathan Clarke, who produced it for Christianity Today.

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