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Sam Van Eman from "New Breed of Advertisers" has noticed a new Best Buy advertising campaign called "You, Happier." The idea is, of course, that you will be much happier after you've picked up a new notebook computer or stereo or flat screen television set. Sam isn't the first Christian to speak out against the materialism of our culture, but I LOVE the way he does this. He begins by confessing that he really is happier when he buys stuff. No, really. Buying stuff makes him happy. And if you and I were honest, we'd admit that it makes us happy too. The solution, according to Sam, is not in denying our basic materialism, but in being willing to set it aside and be unhappy sometimes for the sake of the Kingdom. Check it out.

Houston let me know about Best Buy's "You, Happier" slogan. Somehow I missed it, yet it seems that other critics have, too. After a cursory Google search, I didn't find too many folks up in arms about "You, Happier." Perhaps BB's customers are happier enough that the slogan failed to raise concern. BB didn't say, "You, Happy," or, "You, Happiest." They just said "You, Happier," and for most customers (including me), they're right. I am happier when I get a new laptop or scanner. Shoot, I'm happier when I get a fresh ink cartridge. Not happiest and maybe/maybe not happy, but I'm definitely happier....Read More.