Your High Calling Means Better Burgers and Better Everything

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"Don’t we really long for burgers as they were meant to be?" asks Steve Garber, a friend of ours at The Washington Institute. But he doesn't stop at that question.

Steve continues: Don't we really long "for business as it is meant to be? For politics as it is meant to be? For education as it is meant to be? For marriages and families and friendships as they are meant to be? I don’t think most of us are satisfied with 'whatever.' That doesn’t account for very good hamburgers, or for a very good life."

We couldn't agree more, Steve! YES! We long for good burgers. And good marriages. And good friends. And good business and politics and medicine and education. When we spend our days adding goodness to the world, we sleep better at night because we know we are sleeping in a better world.

Thanks, Steve, for sharing your thoughts in Burgers the Way They Are Meant to Be and for all of your great work at The Washington Institute of Faith, Vocation, and Culture.

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Image by Gabriel Amadeus used with permission via Flickr.