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Careers by Jenn recently interviewed Theology of Work Project's Leah Archibald. They talked about making ethical decisions at work and Leah's latest project, the Making It Work podcast.

We have two special invitations for Careers by Jenn listeners.

Making It Work podcast

Check out the Making It Work podcast. Through scripture, story, and conversation with guests, we invite God into work's biggest challenges so you can live out your purpose in the workplace. Topics include calling and vocation, work-life boundaries, imposter syndrome, and more.

Listen to Making It Work on: Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, RSS, Spotify, Stitcher, or Website.

We often face ethical dilemmas in our work. How can we use the Bible to make the right decisions? Each day of this 3-day devotional plan provides a real-life case study on a tough decision, plus biblical decision-making principles that you can take to work.

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