Coffee Shop Employees Build Relationships and Demonstrate Faith with Simple Q&A (Video)

Video / Produced by partner of TOW

Genuinely listening to customers in a way that develops personal relationships is how the employees of Quay Coffee demonstrate God’s love at work. Owner Cory Stipp explains.

How do you bring your faith into your work?

Mostly just living out love. If I ask somebody a question, you know, “What are you doing this weekend?” I listen.

I don’t just take it for granted. So when they come back in on Monday or Tuesday to get their cup of coffee or their latte or whatever, I’m like “So how was A,B,C?” Whatever they did this weekend. Because I remembered that.

Their faces are just like – they’re almost in shock! “You remembered what I said?!?”

Because so many times you’re like “How you doing?” or “What are you doing?” And it just goes “pfft.” They’re just making conversation. They don’t mean it.

But when you mean it and you intestinally listen? It still surprises people. And that’s how they know you care. That’s how they know you really love them.

Or when you notice their stature - how they’re handling themselves when they come in? Like my staff did – noticed that change in that person. It’s because we know them and we care for them.

That’s how the faith aspect is brought into this shop. Just because I have staff that loves people.

Now not all of my staff are faithful people. But they love people.

And so, in a way they are almost [faithful] unintentionally. Because their heart is that full and caring for the customer. The guests.

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This video serves as an illustration to the TOW Bible Commentary: The Importance of Workplace Relationships (John 14-17).