Don’t Send That Email! Using The Fruits of The Spirit at Work (Video)

Video / Produced by TOW Project

Ratheon Systems Integrator talks about needing the fruits of the spirit at work. This is a clip from Christians Engineers Discuss Their Work which is a session in the Jesus and Your Job Small Group Study Series.


My job essentially is to bridge the gap between very smart people on radars and control systems with the ship-builders. They’re very different worlds. Fruits of the spirit are something that I have to focus in on quite a bit: my patience, my gentleness. We have a lot of smart people and a lot of great ideas, but they don’t necessarily know how to share it. It’s not their giftedness. My giftedness – the way God is using me – is to try to pull that out of them so that they can communicate better.

I was having a very difficult email discussion with somebody on my team who wasn’t doing what I needed them to do. I was getting somewhat angry. Like, “Can’t we get this over this hump? We’ve been working on this for so long!” I had to step back and I had to say, “Lord, I can feel my temperature rising. I need patience on this. I know I’m emotional right now and it’s not a good time for me to respond. I need to step back.”

Just that quick prayer happens, I would say, moment by moment. Literally my last work day I had that intervention of prayer to deal with a difficult situation.