Earning Money At All Costs Is A Strategy That’s Bad for My Soul (Video)

Video / Produced by partner of TOW

Chi-En Yu warns that an attitude of tension between faith work forms the wrong kind of character in working Christians.


I don’t think faith and business are at odds with each other. The notion that business is primarily there for folks to earn as much money as possible (in parentheses: at whatever cost) and then the Christian thing to do is to take all that cash and give it to some other mission, some other ministry, I think is mal-forming. I think it’s bad for our souls to live under that assumption.

The reason I think it’s bad for our souls, which I know sounds terrible, is that it creates this sense that in my work-a-day life what I primarily do is earn money, earn money, earn money (parentheses: at whatever cost to myself, to other people, to the wellbeing of a place or a community). That’s going to form me into a certain kind of character, a certain kind of person, a certain way of understanding the world.

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This video serves as an illustration to the TOW Key Topic article Many People Find Provision and Even Become Wealthy - But Cause Great Harm.