ER Physician’s Assistant Gets Perspective from his Faith (Video)

Video / Produced by TOW Project

Adam has been an ER Physician’s Assistant in for the past 10 years. His Christian faith gives him the perspective to persevere in the day to day work of a hospital Emergency Department.


May faith buoys me and gives me a larger perspective for what’s going on. With the ED visits that we see, it’s not the best day for the patient. Or it’s an end of life situation. My faith offers me a larger perspective of what I’m doing: this time on earth is finite but these are infinite things that I’m helping care for. It’s hard to imagine working in the emergency medicine situation without that perspective.

My job is just kind of restoring someone to their created or supposed-to-be state. Some of the things that I like doing would be suturing up someone’s wounds. I oftentimes tell them, “It’s not me that’s doing the healing. I’m just pulling the skin edges together. There’s no magic here. If your body didn’t heal, what I am doing wouldn’t matter.” Some of the critical patients that I take care of, I’m just restoring them back to the design or homeostasis. My perspective is not so much of coming in as the hero, changing everything around – it’s just kind of nudging them back towards the created order.

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