Executive Health Care Makes its Biggest Impact on Poor Workers (Video)

Video / Produced by partner of TOW

Offering an executive service to underserved workers changed lives and made heroes out of local businesses recounts Emily Padula, Chief Strategy Officer at Hill Country Memorial Hospital.


We had the opportunity to receive grant funding. We’d been providing a service to executives before – a health screening program – a full executive health screening modeled after a famous one that was for fortune 500 executives. When I looked at that and thought about our vision, I thought: Well, the people who need this the most are not executives. They’re actually those that are underserved, that don’t have health insurance, that have less access to health care. We have this grant opportunity. What if we take something that we’re already good at and transition to make it something that serves those that have less access to care?

That program is called Salud for You. We partner with local businesses so they get to be the heroes too. We go in and say: You will get all the credit. Hill Country Memorial is here to do an executive health screening only for your lower income employees – a head to toe full-day assessment for them with a full set of results. And then they get a one-year subscription for free to work out at our wellness center.

We’ve seen families change. We’ve seen people lose weight. We’ve seen people get out of a pre-diabetic or a diabetic state into a much healthier state. It’s been really fun to see that change. A lot of that was due to a change in my understanding of work – and also this incredible community – but understanding that God cares about the health of people.

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