Instead of Selling, Entrepreneur Empowers Young Girls to Choose Clothing They Value (Video)

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Maggie Tucker, founder and owner of Magpies, doesn’t believe in pushing a product on a helpless audience. She teaches her employees to treat customers with dignity by picturing the young people they once were themselves.


When we sat down and decided to open the second location we all met as a team. And we all brought in pictures of who we were when we were this age as a girl. We laid them all out on the floor and we all sat around and we all had a real good laugh at first. And then we got real serious and we were like: What did these girls need? What would have made these girls’ lives a little bit better - a little bit happier? What can we do for this next generation of girl that is all of this?

Every single one of us needed something different. We were all unique. These pictures are on the wall in our stockroom. It’s helped us all stay super clear and focused on who we were, what we needed, and how we’re going to do that for this next generation of girl.

When we opened the baby store I told everybody on our team: We’re never going to sell anything - it’s not the goal. Our goal is to not sell a single customer anything. Our goal is to educate and empower.

It’s cool to just tell people about what you’re carrying, why you chose to carry it, and giving them that power to make the choice for themselves. It takes the whole experience from “You totally need this shirt it’s super cute” to “I totally want that shirt because there’s a giant camel on it and it’s made in the US and that’s awesome.”

You should never underestimate a child. They’re 6 to 14. They’re smart. Teach them something. They want to know. They want to learn.

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This video serves as an illustration to the TOW Key Topic article Human Dignity Requires Truthtelling.