Timing Matters

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Greg Forgatch and Neil Clark Warren, co-founders of eHarmony, say that people will pay for products or services that they believe will fix a problem. The bigger the problem, the more they will pay. What Dr. Warren was doing for people one-on-one became available to millions as technology advanced.


GREG FORGATCH: Finding a mate for life is something that most of us really desire, that companionship, but how to go about doing it well is maybe one of the largest unmet consumer needs that was out there today.

NEIL: And the biggest trend right now, 55 million people, singles, from America got on the Internet last year and went to dating sites. It's a hot, hot item. And did we just happen into that? Yes.

HATTIE: Right time, right place.

NEIL: Right time, right place, fullness of time.

GREG FORGATCH: eHarmony really came out of a mission of there's something that's not being done very well. This is a really complex task. How do we do it well? How can we do it better?

NEIL: What our, our research kept saying is if you find somebody whose intelligence is a lot like yours, whose ambition is a lot like yours, whose energy is a lot like yours, whose spirituality is a lot like yours, whose curiosity is a lot like yours. It was a similarity model. That's what we saw all the time. These are the two principles we believe in, emotional health and finding somebody who's a lot like you.

This video appears as an illustration of an appropriate response to a market need in "Timing (Eccl 3:1-4:6)" in Ecclesiastes and Work at