Why I Invest in Sinners by Tim Macready

Article / Produced by partner of TOW

What a blessing to be in this room. A room of Christ-followers who share a common faith in God as sovereign over everything, including the investment markets in which many of us work day by day. But more than that, we share a common goal that the name of Jesus be glorified in that marketplace; that as stewards we be found faithful with what God has entrusted to us.

Henry and Luke have asked me to share a little of my journey in Faith Driven Investing. As many of you know, I lead the investment team for an Australian pension fund – a Christian fund that stewards over $1bn on behalf of 27,000 Australians who have chosen to have their pension managed in accordance with their Christian values. In 2005, the Board decided that it was all-in on faith-driven investment; on aligning values with portfolio. And they – perhaps foolishly – hired me to help make that happen.

I wanted to create the pure faith-driven portfolio. The portfolio that would truly reflect God’s desires – would remove all evil companies and instead invest in shining examples of redemption. I imagined myself as the arbiter of good and evil; the one who would decide what was good and what was evil.​ Read the rest at the FDI site.