You Have Something the World Needs (Audio)

Audio / Produced by Individual TOW Project member

Welcome to the Theology of Work Podcast. The Theology of Work Project exists to provide a Biblical perspective on faith and work. This episode features a sermon Will Messenger preached at Reservoir Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

You have an inner need to work because you are made in the image of God; it's a good thing that you also have something the world needs through your work. The world needs you to provide your share of your household's needs, to the degree you are able in each season of your life. The world needs you to invest in others' work. Some ways include providing means, welcoming and encouraging, cooperating, appreciating others' work, protecting, partnering, and, of course, buying others' work. God is the source of your ability to give the world what it needs. Click here to download the sermon outline.

This sermon serves as an illustration of calling in "God's Law Calls People of Means to Provide Economic Opportunities for the Poor (Ruth 2:17-23)" in Ruth and Work at

Special thanks to Reservoir Church.