Work Rewards (Take-Home Activity for Parents and Kids)

Small Group Study / Produced by partner of TOW

This lesson is part of God's Story of Work for Kids, a 12-week curriculum that teaches children to see work through God's perspective.

THIS WEEK'S FOCUS: GOD will reward our work

We reviewed today that all of our work - small and big, ordinary and special - matters very much to God. We learned that one day Jesus will return and test the quality of our work and the lives we have lived. Some lives will show they were built with solid materials that survive fire - gold, silver and costly stones. Other lives will be revealed to be made out of wood, hay or straw, things that get burned up in the fire. We work for Jesus with faith, hope and love so that our lives become more like gold.

DO THIS WEEK'S WORKOUT: thank you party

Plan a party to celebrate the work and uniqueness of each person in your family.

Some ideas:

  • Have each person make a dish that another family member likes
  • Personalize each place setting with not just the person's name, but the kind of work they do and a big "THANK YOU!"
  • Make crowns for everyone to wear
  • Use gold colored plates as a symbol of the value of each person's work done with faith, hope and love
  • Pray a prayer of blessing over everyone and their work before you eat - personalize the prayer and make it special by praying for each person specifically
  • Talk about the past 12 weeks and what you learned or what you want to keep practicing
  • Serve some sparkling apple cider and make a toast to each person and their work
  • Make it a team party - everyone helps set up, everyone helps clean up
  • Print the examen-guide.pdf for each family member.
  • Once the quiet time is over, gather together and share 1 sentence each of something you sensed from God.


  • What moment today made you most happy or thankful? (Initially you may need to name a few things in a young child's day to help them catch on.)
  • What moment today made you the most unhappy or least grateful?
  • How did you show love today? (For very young children, you may offer suggestions to clarify how someone shows love: Who did you share with today? Who did you help today?)
  • What was one time your actions or behavior were negative or you withheld showing kindness? (Again, for young children you might ask: Was there a time you did not share today? Was there a time you said a hurtful word or did not help?)
  • Briefly give thanks fo rthis time of reflection and for God teaching each of you to be more loving.