1-Hour Small Group Studies on Workplace Topics

Dudes bible study

1. Ambition (1-Hour Small Group Study)

Group discussion and Bible study about ambition: the good, the bad, and the godly.

2. Bad Boss? (1-Hour Small Group Study)

A small group study on dealing with bad bosses practically and biblically.

3. Conflict at Work (1-Hour Small Group Study)

Biblical strategies to deal with interpersonal conflict at work.

4. Leading Up (1-Hour Small Group Study)

A biblical perspective on influencing others when you are in a lesser position of power.

5. Giving and Receiving Feedback (1-Hour Small Group Study)

Withstand a performance review and give feedback in a biblical way.

6. Work-Life Balance (1-Hour Small Group Study)

Navigate the modern challenge of balancing work responsibilities with life's other pursuits.

7. Sabbath and Work (1-Hour Small Group Study)

Biblical and practical tips on maintaining a rhythm between work and rest.

8. is a free series of online video Bible studies for use in small groups.