Dear Artist, Should You Get a “Real Job”? September 13 Newsletter

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Why do we create art? Why do we purchase music, paintings, or novels? It's because, deep down, we believe that art matters. Art speaks to us of the beauty of God’s creation and the struggles and joys of our faith. It's important that we cultivate the creativity in ourselves that makes us receptive to beauty, and that we support the artists in our communities who remind us of it. Theirs is a high (and usually not highly paid!) calling, too.

Cultivating Faith: The Work of an Artist

From The High Calling

Cultivating imagination is essential for our faith and essential for living out the Gospel promises.

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The Work of Holy Artistry

From The High Calling

Being an artist is part of my God-formed createdness. I cannot forfeit it whether I am making art or not, whether my work is celebrated or disdained, whether I make a living or whether my work is forgotten.

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Calling to Life, Not Only to Work

From the Theology of Work Project

Your job may meet your need for money, but it may not fulfill all the purposes God has for your life and work.

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