Joy to the Work? December 20 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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It’s often hard to find hope in this world. Even in the midst of celebrating Christmas, we may feel more stressed than hopeful. But Christ is at work in the world, whether we see it or not, and our work is an invitation to partner with God in redemption and restoration. We do that by experiencing God’s grace by being conduits of grace in our workplaces. So, in this season of celebrating the gift of grace through Jesus, join us as we consider how to find grace at work.

Monday Morning Stars

From The High Calling

Too often, work feels like a chore. Our countdown to Christmas is all about counting down to a few days off and has little to do with the splendor of an arriving King.

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Dawn’s Pale Light

From The High Calling

To wish upon a star is to hope beyond hope. Is wishing not the birthplace of hope? Do we not learn to hope in learning to wish?

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The Kingdom of Heaven Has Come Near

From the Theology of Work Project

When we read “kingdom of heaven,” we may think of harps, clouds, and angel choirs, but Jesus is clear that the kingdom of heaven refers to God’s rule on earth.

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