Looking for God in Politics: January 18 Newsletter

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Our bitter political season did not end with last year’s election. As the Presidential inauguration approaches, we’re all still trying to understand each other. Our writers this week encourage us to stop, look, and listen--even across our political divides. And they remind us that, no matter what our political opinions, our first calling as Christians is to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. That is the high calling of our daily work in the days ahead.

A Path Paved With Poetry

From The High Calling

For all of our differences, whether across political or denominational lines, we are one in Christ Jesus. Read more

How Citizens Care for the Least of These

From The High Calling

The Fall in Genesis 3 affected everything. While the problems in our families, workplaces, and churches are often kept behind closed doors, the messy effect of the Fall on politics feels disproportionately large because it plays out in public. Read more

Doing Justice

From the Theology of Work Project

What if Christians waited to make judgments until knowing both sides of the story? What if we dared to spend time with people unlike ourselves? What if we sought out media that offered a different perspective? Could we bridge some of the divides that separate us? Read more