Being Creative at Work: February 8 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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The word “creativity” probably makes us think of artists starving in attics, singers selling million-dollar records, or hushed trips through museums. But in fact God calls all of us to be creative in our daily work even if we’re doing our work in a cubicle. And being a creative thinker may even help you do your work better by getting the best ideas on the table. Still think you need to starve in an attic? Read on to find out how you can serve God creatively right where you are.

The Whispers of a Creative Heart

From The High Calling

Creativity doesn’t mean being perfect. It means being you. Read more

Disabling Autopilot, Engaging Creativity

From The High Calling

We should avoid getting stuck in routines if they keep us from inventing a better way of doing things. Read more

Fruitfulness and Growth

From the Theology of Work Project

Imagination is surely a gift from God. Where do you see this gift at work? Read more