Christmas: Hope for the World, Hope for Our Work: December 21 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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The waiting is almost over. It’s almost Christmas. Maybe you’ve carefully bought your gifts and lovingly wrapped them, sent out holiday cards, and baked plates and plates of Christmas cookies. Or maybe. . . you’re the rest of us.

Christmas comes to us just as we are, whether we are ready or not, in the midst of our everyday duties. If we can heed its message, Christmas can redeem our daily work with its astonishing news: the Word has become flesh.Our everyday activities are exactly what God’s kingdom is made of. Read on.

Christmas Bells

From The High Calling

By the first week in December, our schedule is overflowing. How can I possibly orchestrate joyful traditions this Christmas, when I can’t even locate some decent lights? Read more

The Gift of Christmas

From The High Calling

The first Christmas happened amidst poverty and anxiety. When we read the story just to feel warm and fuzzy we are in danger of missing the meaning entirely. Read more

In the Beginning Was the Word

From the Theology of Work Project

Christmas is not the triumph of the spirit over the flesh, but the fulfillment of what flesh was created for in the beginning. Read more