Creating Community With Coworkers: July 27 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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As the creator of Peanuts reminds us, the hours we spend at work are so much more than just “work” hours. Many of us spend more time with the individuals we work with than we do with our own spouse or children. We get close, and our lives intertwine in ways we don’t expect. The people we work with every day become our friends, and when things in our “real” life are hard, we bring them to work with us.

In this newsletter we’ll be reminded of how the Apostle Paul worked in and for Christian community. We’ll hear the story of how vulnerability transformed one workplace for the better. And we’ll walk with one executive through workplace tragedy to a new understanding of the value of her coworkers.

In fact, the people we work with can transform our daily work into a high calling. Read on.

A Community of Leaders

From Theology of Work Project

Why are there so many names in Paul’s letters? Because he worked in community for the good of community. Read more

How I Learned to Listen to My Coworkers

From The High Calling

Keith Miller noticed the enormous personal problems, loneliness, and searching among people in his business. So he started a prayer group before work. Read more

Keep Calm: Grieving with Coworkers

From The High Calling

When something terrible happens, the little things suddenly become less critical. What if we didn’t wait for tragedy to strike to let go of annoyances at work? Read more