Finding God in Court: March 14 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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Lawyers have always been an easy target of jokes. Even within Christian contexts, we tend to focus on grace, and not on why God might set up laws in the first place. But God does care about justice and an orderly world, and lawyers are key to getting us there. This week we ask Christian lawyers what issues they face and look at ways they serve God’s kingdom.

Why This Lawyer Just Can’t Leave Her Profession

From The High Calling

A lawyer’s job is a calling. They can solve problems others cannot, speak the language lawyers understand, and stand in the face of an adversary and say ‘I do not fear you.’

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When is Competition Unhealthy?

From The High Calling

A lawyer wonders: I wonder what God thinks about workplace competition?

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Video: Christian Lawyers Discuss Their Work

From the Theology of Work Project

The work of lawyers finds its precedent in Luke 10:25-29, argues New Testament scholar Sean McDonough. In this video, Sean interviews Christian lawyers who reveal how their faith affects their practice of law.

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