How Do You Define Leadership? - Tod Bolsinger

Video / Produced by The High Calling

How do you define leadership?

Tod Bolsinger recently spoke with us about the challenges of leadership. As part of our discussion, he offered this wonderfully simple definition: "Leadership is equipping people to grow, so that they can face their problems." He is one of the many voices you'll be hearing in our new video series "60 Seconds to Significance."

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Who has been a powerful leader in your life? What problem did this leader help you face?

Transcript: Leadership is equipping people to grow, so that they can face their problems. And what's really important about that is that if you don't have to grow, it's not leadership. It's management. And its important management.

But leadership is when an organization or a culture or a people have to be transformed. And that starts with our own transformation. If we don't change, then nothing changes. But if we participate in something changing, then we change.

The person who says, "We need a stop sign in our community because kids are in danger of getting hit by a car," and brings four moms together to get a stop sign is a leader.

Leadership begins when you gather people. Anyone who can wave a flag, or say there's a problem, or raise their hands and say who wants to join me, is a leader. Leadership is a function, it's a skill. I believe that particularly as Christians we should be about trying to transform, help every Christian learn to function as an agent of transformation in every context.

Abraham Kuyper said, "Every square inch."